The dog park

We’ve got a routine with our pup Noodz that is pretty much the highlight of my day.

At 9:30am every morning a BIG group of dog owners and their gorgeous dogs meet at the park down the street from us for an hour or so of full on doggle action.
Sometimes there are only a few dogs, other times it’s closer to 20.
It’s the best antidepressant you could imagine.

Without fail. Rain or shine. Mud or snow.
I get up every morning knowing that there are wagging tales, big bright puppy smiles, and a community of fellow dog lovers waiting for us across the street.

If you aren’t a dog owner, or animal lover, you might not get it.

But our dog is pretty much our child, and finding such a great group of people to get training tips from, brag about your dog with, and bemoan the not so fun aspects of dog ownership with…well it’s amazing.

I took my camera along with me the other day in an attempt to capture some of the magic.

I give you, (some of) the pups of Larkhall Park:















Here comes Noodz!




More dog park posts coming soon!

One thought on “The dog park

  1. Jackie Rosencrans December 9, 2012 / 1:37 PM

    Hi Jamie and Simon too….

    I really enjoyed seeing all the dogs jumping all around the park. I would say that you are lucky to have one so close to your house. The dogs are adorable and you sound so happy to have then. They seem to complete your life.

    Tell me what your Xmas is going to be like this year, Will you be at home and will you have a tree?

    I think I told you that I am in PA. with Patty and her family. Luckily so far we have had great weather. One day of snow – 3 inches – and’ it was melted away by 60 degree temps the next day.

    I look forward to the next edition of Gimmeyummy. Loving you both ….. MIMI

    On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 4:42 AM, Gimmeyummy wro > >

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