Transplanted from Nashville.


9 thoughts on “Howdy.

  1. Ben April 4, 2009 / 4:45 AM

    Holy Christ you are beautiful! Followed from GrubGrade but might have to stick around.

  2. gimmeyummy September 14, 2009 / 3:05 AM

    Thanks for the love! I will check out your blog pronto!

  3. kate July 17, 2011 / 7:43 PM

    i like your blog / writing style

  4. Nick April 4, 2017 / 7:36 PM

    I visited some pages ages ago, 2012, and found a wonderful bunch of pictures of you(?) touristing in London. My notes say the page was, but that is not found and the site redirects to you. Was it you? Are the pictures and text still around? The things I see on this site do look to have the same style and fun of the other one, including a very pleasant hostess.
    I looked at the date suggested (2012/02/06) in the archive and it seems you were getting married then. I hope it is still going well for you:-)
    I have followed you so you can see my email address if that is better for you to reply.



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